Natural Resources and the Environment Certificate of Completion

Prepare to become a knowledgeable leader in natural resources management and environmental science with this four-course certificate program. The curriculum offers you both a philosophical and functional view of natural resources and environmental issues that is applicable to a wide range of careers, from land management to public affairs to wildlife biology.

During your coursework, you will gain critical insights into conservation and use of natural resources. You will learn the latest theories and practices in natural resources management to develop your understanding of the viewpoints that impact public debate and decisions in this important field. Upon completion of this certificate program, you will be a stronger leader, better communicator, and more active member of your community.


Choose four different courses that best meet your needs to complete the certificate. For an overview of important topics that apply to most interests and work situations, it is recommended that you select one policy course, as well as NR 501 and FW 557.

More than the required number of courses can be taken. Other courses related to natural resources or fish, wildlife, and conservation biology may be substituted by special request.

Courses (select four)

Admission to the University is not required to earn the Certificate of Completion in Natural Resources and the Environment. You can register for any course in the certificate program as long as you meet the course prerequisites. Prior CSU coursework can be applied toward this certificate, though transfer courses are not accepted.