Sustainable Military Lands Management Certificate of Completion

Enroll in this one-of-a-kind online educational program to learn the breadth and complexity of military lands management. You will gain knowledge of the rapidly evolving practices, technologies, and analytical tools necessary to support this national defense mission. Designed for both civilian and military land management professionals, the Sustainable Military Lands Management (SMLM) Certificate program gives you the key concepts for conservation and sustainable management of natural and cultural resources on Department of Defense lands.

  • Gain an overview of military lands in the United States in historical, geographical, and environmental contexts.
  • Learn the general practices and theory of land management, as well as cultural anthropology.
  • Study the ecological principles of military training and testing areas and the impacts of disturbances caused by these activities.
  • Explore cultural resources laws, policies, management, and preservation as they apply to military lands.
  • Prepare to lead stewardship-related matters on military lands.
  • Apply your knowledge and skills to a wide array of federal, state, and foreign land management agencies.

After completing this certificate, you will have an enhanced knowledge base of military land management and understanding of the cultural and ecological significance of sustaining these lands. This certificate can lead to unique job opportunities and career advancement as a military land management professional.