Cottage Foods Training

Put your entrepreneurial spirit and cooking, baking, and growing talents to work in a cottage food business.

The Colorado Legislature passed the Cottage Foods Bill that set food safety standards for small-scale, cottage food enterprises. This cottage food business training guides you through the standards of that bill to ensure the safe handling of your product for sale at farmers' markets or holiday fairs.

HSLL 1052 - Cottage Foods Training

This three-week, online food safety course will cover the basics of safe food handling, exploring three relevant topics with an assessment of understanding at the end of each week. Topics include:

  • Food safety guidelines
  • Food categories
  • Storing and transporting foods
  • Shelf life of baked products
  • Storage of dehydrated products

The online accessibility of this training allows you to study from anywhere, at any time that is convenient for you. Designed for anyone selling foods created in their home directly to the consumer, this cottage foods course features a curriculum that specifically addresses high altitude environments, specific to the Rocky Mountain Region.

Led by Marisa Bunning from Colorado State University Extension and the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, you’ll learn from CSU Extension professionals from across the state.

Meeting food safety regulations set forth by the government is serious business. The Colorado Cottage Food Act requires all farmers’ market, roadside stand, and door-to-door vendors have proof of completing a safe food handling course. This training provides that proof for three years and prepares you for the next season!

If you are outside Colorado, please check your local area rules and certificate requirements. The course required to renew your training to meet the Colorado requirement is currently in development.

Looking for a more comprehensive training? We also offer a Developing a Safe Food Business Certificate.

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