Developmental Disabilities Training Series From Rutgers Cooperative Extension


Developmental Disabilities Training Online from CSU

Mastery Badge

To earn the Developmental Disabilities Training Series Mastery Badge, you must complete all Quest and Trek badges. To sign up for the Mastery Badge, and receive the most value, register for HSBB 2500.

HSBB 2500 – Developmental Disabilities Training Series (Mastery Badge) | $255

Quest Badges

Quest badge bundles allow you to sign up for multiple Trek Badges at once and receive discounted pricing. Quest Badges are organized by topic area.

HSBB 2510 – Quest Badge 1: Developmental Disabilities and Learning Styles | $162

Bundle includes:

  • HSBB 2501 – Overview of Disabilities (Trek Badge $60)
  • HSBB 2502 – Disabilities and Learning (Trek Badge $60)
  • HSBB 2503 – Understanding and Managing Behavior (Trek Badge $60)

HSBB 2520 – Quest Badge 2: Developmental Disabilities Program Adaptations | $108

(Note: To register for this Quest Badge, you must first take HSBB 2501 – Overview of Disabilities)

Bundle includes:

  • HSBB 2504 – Visual Supports (Trek Badge $60)
  • HSBB 2505 – Disabilities Laws, Program Accommodations and Modifications (Trek Badge $60)

Trek Badges: Individual Courses

If you prefer, pick individual badges based on your interests and needs. Each individual Trek Badge earned will apply toward a Quest Badge, as well as the Mastery Badge.

(Note: You must first take HSBB 2501 – Overview of Disabilities before taking any other courses).

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