Arts-Based Leadership Entrepreneurial (ABLE) Fellows Program


Flexible online courses

This program is designed to fit your needs — take only the courses you want to take, when it's most convenient for you to take them. Classes are self-paced, and require little to no interaction with the instructor. You can register any time, and should be able to complete each course in one to two weeks. However, you will be given six months from the last date of registration so you can study at your own pace.

You have the option to sign up for the full program (the Mastery Badge), register for a group of courses related to a certain topic area (a Quest Badge), or take individual courses (a Trek Badge). When you successfully complete the courses for which you register, you earn digital badges that you can add to your resume, portfolio, and social media profiles to show employers and clients what you have learned and what you can offer them.

Build your portfolio

You may take courses in any order, except for the final portfolio course, Arts Leadership and Management. This course will require you to compile all portfolio elements you completed in the 11 other courses.

Mastery Badge (full program)

ARBB 1000 – LEAP Institute for the Arts ABLE Fellows Program (Mastery Badge) | $899

To earn the LEAP Institute for the Arts ABLE Fellows Mastery Badge, you must complete all Quest and Trek Badges. Receive the best value by registering for the full program all at once.

Quest Badges (groups of courses)

Quest Badges include groups of courses bundled together for a discounted price. These badges help you specialize in specific topic areas.

ARBB 1010 – Arts Management Basics (Quest Badge) | $180
Bundle includes:
  • ARBB 1011 – Leadership Basics and Sustainable Leadership (Trek badge)
  • ARBB 1012 – Arts Enterprise Basics (Trek badge)

ARBB 1020 – The Functioning Leader (Quest Badge) | $293
Bundle includes:
  • ARBB 1021 – Decision-Making Tools for Arts Leaders (Trek Badge)
  • ARBB 1022 – Grant Writing (Trek Badge)
  • ARBB 1023 – Fundraising in Not-For-Profits (Trek Badge)

ARBB 1030 – The Thoughtful Leader (Quest Badge) | $203
Bundle includes:
  • ARBB 1031 – Keys to Effective Leadership (Trek Badge)
  • ARBB 1032 – Art Leadership Competency and Theory (Trek Badge)
  • ARBB 1033 – Pop Culture's Influence on Creative Careers (Trek Badge)

ARBB 1040 – Planning and Evaluation (Quest Badge) | $135
Bundle includes:
  • ARBB 1041 – Project Planning (Trek Badge)
  • ARBB 1042 – Evaluation Skills (Trek Badge)

ARBB 1050 – Leading with a Vision (Quest Badge) | $135
Bundle includes:
  • ARBB 1051 – Future of Arts Leadership (Trek Badge)
  • ARBB 1052 – Arts Leadership and Management (Trek Badge)

Trek Badges (individual courses)

Pick individual badges based on your interests and needs. Each individual Trek Badge earned will apply toward a Quest Badge, as well as the Mastery Badge.