Foundations of 3D Printing


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CSU's online Foundations of 3D Printing program offers an introduction of the technologies and processes of 3D printing. Learn why additive manufacturing has emerged as such an important new technology in nearly every sector of the world economy and scientific discipline, and develop an understanding of how to use it in various settings and situations.

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To earn the Foundations of 3D Printing Mastery Badge, you must complete all courses. To sign up for the Mastery Badge, and receive the most value, register for EGBB 3016.


EGBB 3001 – 3D Printing Basic Principles I: In this module you will learn about the important fields of advanced manufacturing and additive manufacturing, the purpose of additive manufacturing and some key background terminology. According to the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, advanced manufacturing involves both new ways to manufacture existing products, and the manufacture of new products emerging from new advanced technologies. 3D printing is a fundamental and mission-critical technology that is driving advanced manufacturing worldwide.

EGBB 3002 – 3D Printing Basic Principles II: In this module you will learn why and when additive manufacturing might be a good choice as a manufacturing technique, and how it is different from subtractive manufacturing processes such as computer numerical control (CNC). It's not just about the technology. Some key cost comparisons need to be made in order to decide which approach is better for each particular project. You will also learn about other key related technologies, such as 3D scanning, and the wide range of 3D software that is used in product development as it relates to additive manufacturing. Finally, you will learn about the original additive manufacturing technology and its inventor.

EGBB 3003 – 3D Printing Additive Processes I: In this module you will learn about the many types of additive manufacturing machines and technologies, both commercial and in research. You will also learn the fundamental decisions you need to make in order to choose which additive manufacturing process would be best for which types of products that need to be developed. You will use the terminology learned in Basic Principles II to understand how the representative vendors and the huge landscape of these technologies work on a fundamental basis. This will help you better understand new technologies and trends you will learn about in future courses, and that you read about in the media.

EGBB 3004 – 3D Printing Additive Processes II: In this module you will learn the details of the additive manufacturing process and workflow — how you can start with an idea and end up with a finished object in your hand. You will also take a closer look at some of the pros, cons and variations of some of the more important additive manufacturing technologies. You will learn about the personal printer revolution, and the history and main components of the "RepRap" style 3D printer that made it possible. Dozens of low-cost, high-capability 3D printers are now available virtually everywhere at affordable prices. This is now making it possible for anyone with a vision and desire to make things.

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