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How do I apply, and what are the required qualifications?

Admission requirements and processes vary by degree program. The best way to understand the required qualifications for a specific degree program is to review the admission and application requirements on each degree webpage as well as to contact the advisor or program coordinator.

When you are ready to apply, use the online application form — it is the easiest and fastest way to apply!

How and when do I register?

You can register online, by mail/fax, by phone, and in person. Visit our How to Register page to learn how to register as well as other important related information.

Registration for Fall courses begins May 1, registration for Spring begins October 15, and Summer registration begins March 25. The last day to register varies by course, so visit each course page for details.

Do I have to be admitted to take a credit course through CSU OnlinePlus?

You can enroll in most credit courses without being admitted to the University.

Courses taken prior to admission can be applied to your degree program once you are admitted. If you intend to take courses and apply them to a degree program in the future, be aware of the degree and admission requirements of the degree program you are interested in. Check the certificate or degree you are interested in for more information.

My Account says my registration is "Pending"- what does that mean?

Your registration is "pending" until it is reviewed and processed by our Enrollment Services staff which involves verifying your academic record, updating your information, and checking for holds. Registrations are processed the next business day; two business days may be required during heavy registration periods. The "pending" status is updated on a nightly basis. For example, if you register on Monday, your registration will be processed on Tuesday, and the "pending" status will disappear by Wednesday morning.

Once your registration has been processed by our staff, the course will be removed from the "My Account" screen, and you should use RAMweb to review your current schedule of courses.

If during the processing of your registration we encounter holds or other academic validation issues, we will contact you by email or phone to resolve these. Until these issues have been resolved, your registration will remain in "pending" status.

What are the drop deadlines? Can I get a refund?

The duration of the course and the date you drop your course determine your refund.

For complete details and deadlines, review the drop and refund policies.

It is your responsibility to be familiar with the drop and refund policies of the University and the Division of Continuing Education (applicable to courses and programs offered through OnlinePlus). We recommend you review them prior to registration or dropping courses.